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LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Hunting Shadows

Swedish AOR stars Last Autumn's Dream continue to record new material, quickly moving to release their 5th studio release Hunting Shadows.

As you know, Last Autumn's Dream are Mikael Erlandsson on Lead Vocals, Andy Malecek (Fair Warning) on Guitars and our Talisman masters: Marcel Jacob on bass, and Jamie Borger on drums.

Featured on the all new album will be the tracks:

01. Strange Operation
02. Rainbow Sky
03. My Alibi
04. I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore
05. Lost In Moscow
06. R U Ready To Rock N Roll
07. Serenity
08. War Of Your Worlds
09. Save Our Love
10. Every Beat Of My Heart
11. Overnight Sensation
12. Match Made In Heaven (Bonus Track)