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PLEASURE MAKER - Twisted Desire
The PLEASURE MAKER band is proud to present the release of it*s new album entitled "TWISTED DESIRE". The second album comes with more "direct" and matured compositions, with more emphasis on the melody, stronger choruses, backing vocals and keyboards, not forgetting the well known guitar by Alex Meister. There are great news. Several new musicians are on the role as Andy Starr (replacing the great Mark Santanna) on the bass and Sandro Rossi on the keyboards. The others are Alex Meister (guitars, backing vocals and producer),C. Marshall (lead vocals) and Adriano Morais (drums and backing vocals). The independent release of the previous album, "Love on the Rocks", got memorable results: more than 20 reviews around the globe from websites and magazines like BW&BK Powerplay Mag (UK), HardRockHaven, SleazeRoxx, Sleaze Metal (DE), This is Rock (Spain) and MelodicRock.com where the band got 84% of approval rating. The song "Just Thinkin About U" got an honorable mention on the nomination of the best song of 2005 by MelodicRock. During 2006, that album was released in Japan by Spiritual Beast Records on a remastered version and under new artwork.
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