Friday, March 1, 2024 

NEONDAZE, hard rockers from Sweden, led by outstanding guitarist Lars Boquist, will release their self-titled debut album through Artist Service / MBM. Just turn up to eleven and let yourself be impressed by their melodic hard rock power! Guitarist Lars (ex-REPTILIAN, ex- POLE POSITION), who previously was featured in several music mags (among them Guitar Player) due to his outstanding guitar work already played with drummer Hampus Landin and bassist Jesper Lahn for several months. Hampus already gained some notable reputation regarding his work with MISS BEHAVIOUR. Already having loads of good songs at his disposal Lars introduced them to Marcus, Jesper and Hampus who instantly were excited about the quality of Lars songwriting talents and immediately began working out song structures, changing vocal lines and perfecting the drum basics. The result is 12 highly melodic and catchy hard rock songs able to bare comparison with many other respected bands from this genre.
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