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U.D.O. - Mastercutor Live Cd/Dvd (3 Disc set )
This is the limited 3-Disc set ! This is the third live album presented by the living legend of Metal music, Udo Dirkschneider. The ípersonalí band of ACCEPTís frontman runs for 20 yars now. Woa; Udo made it longer in his solo career - even if the myth of ACCEPT shall never be surpassed, I guess. "Mastercutor Alive" was recorded live at Tuttligen, Germany (mid-2008) and proves to have been a helluva party. Just check the tracklist. U.D.O. songs: the band - featuring fellow-ACCEPT comrade Stefan Kaufmann, for those who are not aware - selected a sufficient variety of albums to take samples from; we even see two songs from their debut 1987 album, "Animal House". Reasonably enough, main portion comes from the latest "Mastercutor" studio release, with the quintet providing high-energy Heavy Metal in (mostly) mid-pace manners, but with ílightning strikesí speeders too. Udoís voice shelters no surprise: for those not standing his tone, thereís no good news. Admirers of his harsh attitude - on the other hand - will benefit for one more time. The musicianís bond is something obvious, in addition. Even if the songs cannot follow some innovative pattern, truth is you will not have the chance to stand still listening to esteemed cuts such as "Mastercutor", "24/7", "The Wrong Side Of Midnight", "Animal House" and "Holy". Well done, also bearing in mind the solo parts are indeed needed as breaks. ACCEPT songs: Even if Udo and Co. has enough discography to take over a whole 2-hour set, thereís no possibility a U.D.O. gig would feature no ACCEPT songs apart from the obvious reference, we should point out U.D.O.ís career steps enough on the ACCEPT stones in general terms of songwriting/tempos. Hence, a total of eleven songs straight from the Solingen-based famous Metal bandís glorious 80s history is served to honor the ideals of a proud metalhead; headbanging, air-guitar playing and dunno-what-else behavior/response. Among expected ACCEPT hymns itís fine to see some long hidden ídiamondsí such as e.g. "Winterdreams" or "Burning" in the setlist; full of affection and respect is the bandís performance in these songs, while the crowd - cannot get if theyíre vivid or not by the audio mix - should not complain to the generous offer by Udoís gang.
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