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GRIMMSTINE - ST Grim Reaper vocalist
Grimmstine features the legendary vocals of Steve Grimmett. Steve has a history that is nothing short of incredible, having what is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and original voices in rock & metal. As vocalist with the legendary Grim Reaper Steve accomplished major success during the 80*s with three highly acclaimed studio albums, along with single releases, MTV airplay, & extensive touring in the States. Grim Reaper videos can often still be seen on some of the major music channels. After Grim Reaper Steve spent a brief period with Onslaught and again enjoyed commercial success, including a single that charted in the UK. More recently Steve''s success came in the form of Lionsheart, a powerful melodic metal band whose debut album reached number one in the mainstream Japanese chart. Steve Grimmett now joins forces with guitarist extraordinaire Steve Stine and the rhythm section of the us metal band Sons of Poseidon Dave Johnson on drums and Hat on bass. 1 Memory 2 911 3 Supernatural 4 Got Nothing but Time 5 To Catch a Killer 6 You''ll Never Know 7 It''s Over 8 Prisoner 9 You Give Me Love 10 Straight As An Arrow 11 ''Til They Take My Wings 12 Take This Air 13 Afraid of the Dark 14 This Don''t Look Like Love to Me 15 To Sing a Lullabye (Immy''s Song)
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