Saturday, December 2, 2023 

OVERLAND - Diamond Dealer
Escape Music are excited to announce the next chapter in the evolution of Overland. The new album Diamond Dealer will be released in Europe October 23. Hot on the heels of Break Away, Steve's debut solo album with Escape Music we are presented with Diamond Dealer, an album that bursts with fresh ideas and originality. Musicians: Steve Overland - Lead Vocals and backing Vocals; Tor Talle: Lead Guitars, Rythm Guitars & Keyboards; Martin Kronlund: Rhythm Guitars; Henrik Thomsen: Bass; Imre Daun: Drums; Egil Orvedal: Keyboards and piano (Coming Home, hearts don`t lie, where is the love). Produced and Mixed by: Martin Kronlund at JM Recording Studio's, Gothenburg, Sweden / All songs by: Steve Overland and Tor Talle. Tracklist: 1-City Of Dream 2-Bring Me Water 3-Brave New World 4-Hearts Don't Lie 5- I am Still Breathing 6-Train Train 7-You Lift me up 8-Where is The Love 9-Coming Home 10-After the Storm 11-Rise 12-Roll Back The Years 13-The Last Frontiers.
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