Tuesday, November 28, 2023 

ORDER, THE - Rockwolf ( Great Melodic Rock !! )
Long silence. Somehow there was no protest, and somehow the name suits the Swiss hard rockers' third album perfectly. Wherever the wolf shows up, it rocks big time. Some want to protect it, some want to extinct it. And wherever THE ORDER show up, they rock big time, too. For some they are the new hopefuls of Swiss hard rock, others compare them to big names like Krokus, Thunderhead or even Van Halen.With Rockwolf, THE ORDER remain true to their direction towards the eighties. With a wolf-like instinct, the band sneaks along the edge of pop music. But sometimes the hard rockers also bare their teeth and paint the town red. As it is suitable for a beast of prey. Rockwolf is pure rock 'n' roll with a heavy dose of hair metal and a hint of pop.
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