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PEARL - Little Immaculate White Fox
PEARL ADAY is the name of the female singer behind PEARL and she is not just the stepdaughter of MEAT LOAF (!!!),she is also married to legendary ANTHRAX guitarist SCOTT IAN (who also plays guitar in her band PEARL)! Besides, she appeared as backing singer for MEAT LOAF and MOTLEY CRUE in the past and now finally releases her first real CD with her own band PEARL. More importantly, she is also a fantastic singer and the 11 songs on offer are a mixture of Classic Hard/Heavy Rock with some typical American Bluesy/Groovy/Southern Rock rhythms and riffs. Pearl Aday’s voice can be described as a mixture of Lita Ford and Lee Aaron with a rawer bluesier approach here and there and she has the potential to become the next hard rock queen. Besides Scott Ian also Ted Nugent makes a guest appearance at this great album.
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