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OVERMASTER - Madness Of War ( Ex Skylark & Highlord )
Italian heavy metal featuring former White Skull, Skylark and Highlord members. Overmaster was founded in 2006 by singer "Gus" Gustavo Adrian Gabarro, after six years and four albums with the Italian power metal band White Skull. The idea behind "Madness of War" and its 11 tracks, is to illustrate the horrors of war and its different faces through the centuries, from the Ancient Greece era, to the modern Malvinas/Falklands war and the young suicide children in Middle East. Over this sad topics, Gus and Overmaster were able to create a dramatic and emotional atmosphere, where the description of the "madness of war" is expressed through a galloping and unrelenting drumming/bass lines, a textured guitar work, atmospheric keyboards and the expressive voice of Gus. Every piece then fall in the right place, creating an album that musically at first sight might seems inspired by the Teutonic heavy metal school, but maintains a clear and self-identity thanks to the layered and multifaceted work of each and every one of his interpreters. Track Listing •Walking Back to Hell •Marble King •Spartan Warriors •Overlord •Revolution World •Jungle of Madness •Nameless Hero •Children of the Sand •Battle Prayer •Prophet of War •Efialths
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