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GREG LEON INVASION - Guitars, Cars and Women
* Greg Leon was actually the very first guitarist in Dokken prior to George Lynch * Greg Leon was in a band called Suite 19 with future Motley Crue drummer - Tommy Lee * Greg Leon gave guitar lessons with Randy Rhoads at Randy's mom's guitar school * Greg Leon replaced Randy Rhoads in Quiet Riot when Randy left to join Ozzy Osbournes band * Greg Leon actually wrote the riff that became Ozzy Osbournes legendary tune "Crazy Train". Randy borrowed it from Greg, Ozzy loved it, and then they wrote Crazy Train around it. The original Greg Leon version with this riff can be heard on the FnA Records release "Guitars, Cars, And A Woman" Tracks 01- I'm Leaving You 02- Follow The Sun 03- Nothing To Lose 04- Out On The Streets 05- Guitars, Cars & Women 06- Born To Die 07- Feels Like I'm Losing 08- Dreamer 09- Stay With Me Tonight Bonus Tracks 10- Every Time 11- Stay With Me Tonight
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