Thursday, May 19, 2022 

BAD HABIT - Atmosphere
The two new songs on last year’s Best Of-CD „Timeless“ already indicated that BAD HABIT are about to get a little bit heavier again. Even though the new album “Atmosphere” features some wonderful and emotional ballads it has become the band’s heaviest and most guitar-driven album to date. Fortunately the new heaviness doesn’t affect the band’s previous strengths and so it comes that rockers like “In The Heat Of The Night” or “Break The Silence” yet feature the BAD HABIT typical melodies and vocal harmonies. Further highlights are the two ballads “Fantasy” and “Save Me” plus the three mid-tempo crackers “I’ll Die For You”, “Only Time Will Tell” and “Catch Me When I Fall”. The positive impression of “Atmosphere” gets rounded off by a well balanced and clear production that leaves enough air to breathe for the 13 new songs and wraps them up in a contemporary sound. Both thumbs up for BAD HABIT’s new longplayer! MARCO SPÄTH
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