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OUTLOUD - Love Catastrophe
OUTLOUD’s debut, „We Rock You To Hell And Back Again“, cause a great stir. The band did not only feature some renown musicians, like Chandler Mogel (TALON), Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND) and Mark Cross (METALIUM), but had some great songs in the holster as well. It was definitely no accident that voted the album as the best album 2009. The band’s new effort “Love Catastrophe” is destined to follow the road of success, as it sees the band improved in many ways. The melodies are even stronger, the overall songwriting level is more consistent and the melodic vocals of Chandler Mogel fit better with the band’s sound. Songs like the first single “Waiting For Your Love”, the keyboard accompanied “The Night That Never Ends”, the stormy “Clean Hands” or the modern and outstanding rocker “Isolation Game” are just a few examples of what to expect on this record. If you like early DOKKEN, TNT or STRYPER, then “Love Catastrophe” is your thing! And even though the album rocks like hell, it features the huge and slowly growing ballad “Someday”. Let’s cut things short: Anyone who enjoyed OUTLOUD’s first longplayer “We Rock You To Hell And Back Again” will love “Love Catastrophe”. It’s a true winner! MARCO SPÄTH
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