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All the songs on “Idolizer” are catchy to the max, a hit after hit that if this album was released in the '80s would have made Grand Design household names. Sure, they follow and almost reproduce in all departments the Def Lepp formula, but so, so well that is pleasure to the ears. Copy-cats? Maybe, but awesome. Production is even BIGger than the debut, polished, crispy, with tons of layered vocals to die for. “Idolizer” is one album no melodic rock / hard rock fan should be without. 01 - Get On With The Action 02 - Change Me Up 03 - Oughtograugh 04 - Your Loves A Runaway 05 - Stealin' My Love 06 - Lets Rawk The Nite 07 - Addiction For Love 08 - Idolize Me 09 - Rock Back To The 80's 10 - You're Gonna Dig On It Pelle Saether: Lead Vocals Anders Modd: Bass Peter Ledin: Guitar & Backing Vocals Dennis Vestman: Guitar & Backing Vocals Richard Holmgren: Drums & Backing Vocals
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