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GALLOWS POLE - Waiting For The Mothership
What is the best Hard-Rock-Band in Vienna? I can only think of one: GALLOWS POLE. Their early work “In Rock we trust” was brilliant, but after 30 years of activity, their new album “Waiting for the Mothership” will probably be able to outshine it. With their new album, GALLOWS POLE have returned to their roots, they have said good bye to the commercial sound we can find on their album “Revolution”, which was a very strong album, but miles away from the kind of music they made in their early days. “Waiting for the Mothership” is a direct successor to “In Rock we trust”. In their album “We wanna come home” you can look in vain for the sound of the 70ies, because it was all 80ies Heavy Metal. But now, on “Waiting for the Mothership”, the complex but extremely catchy melodies are woven into a timeless sound – just like on “In Rock we trust” -, which brings alive the 70ies in the present. Imperator Al’s unique voice is still the band’s trademark. “Waiting for the Mothership” is surely one of the best Austrian albums of the last decade. Extraterrestrially brilliant music! Red-white-red (Austrian) Metal/Hard-Rock is on the rise again. After Tyrol, Vienna is now catching up with a real smash hit! We don’t have to wait for the mothership to bring us good music. GALLOWS POLE’s masterpiece is available for everyone, everywhere on earth! Tracklist: 1 Old Man Cry 4:20 2 Return To Paradise 6:26 3 Waiting For The Mothership 7:22 4 Do You Remember 4:58 5 Area 51 6:54 6 A Big Mistake 5:21 7 Mothership is coming 4:38
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