Friday, March 1, 2024 

No more endless studio fakes, sound samples, artificial drum overdubs and computer-controlled corrections of suboptimal lead vocals. The time has come to return to the true values of rock music, namely honesty, solid craftsmanship and real lifeblood. To cut a long story short: the time has come for Nitrogods! The motto of this spectacular new rock trio: three men, three corners, and down-to-earth no-bullshit rockíníroll!The band may still be unfamiliar to the public at large, but its three... NITROGODS, the German rock and roll band featuring guitarist Henny Wolter (THUNDERHEAD, PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER), drummer Klaus Sperling (FREEDOM CALL, PRIMAL FEAR) and bassist/vocalist Claus "Oimel" Larcher. 01. Black Car Driving Man 02. Demolition Inc. 03. At Least I'm Drunk 04. Gasoline 05. Whiskey Wonderland (feat. Dan McCafferty) 06. Licence To Play Loud 07. Lipsynch Stars 08. The Devil Dealt The Deck 09. Rifle Down 10. Riptide 11. Wasted In Berlin (feat. Fast Eddie Clarke) 12. Zombietrain
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