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Italian guitar wizard Aldo Giuntini is back for the release of his brand new GIUNTINI PROJECT "IV" album on May 24th 2013. It has been six years but Aldo is now back with the fourth chapter of his Project. "My way of writing and producing the songs needs a lot of time", he says, "One could say I am a perfectionist, but when I have musical ideas for my guitar, I often have the other guys working with their own inputs: Also I need to have Tony Martin to work on the lyrics at the end, so this takes away a lot of time". Aldo comments "Project IV continues the line of Project II, III, musically and I'' m sure that who loved my 2nd, and 3rd work will appreciate the IV album in the same way and more, since the production work is "a lot improved" this time and produced by Dario Mollo (Mollo / Martin). The sound of Giuntini''s work is a combination of "the warmth and the power of BLACK SABBATH "Headless Cross", "Tyre", Rainbow "Long Live Rock & Roll and Rising" and DIO "Holy Diver" with energetic sound of LOUDNESS, the Japanese metal heroes!", while Giuntini''s guitar playing is mainly influenced by Akira Takasaki, Vivian Campbell, Edward Van Halen, Jake E. Lee, John Norum and, of course Malmsteen. Handling all vocals once again on "Project IV" is none other than Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath), with the help of Ezio Secomandi (on drums), Dario Patti (on keyboards) and Fulvio Gaslini (on bass). "I wanted to have Tony again" explains Aldo, "because he is my favourite voice and I think that the blend of our styles is just perfect!" Project IV promises to be like a breath of fresh air and will please the long time fans as well as the new ones, which are bound to fall in love with Aldo Giuntini - Guitars Tony Martin - Vocals (ex Black Sabbath) Fabiano Rizzi - Drums Roberto Gualdi - Drums Fulvio Gaslini - Bass Liz Vandall - Vocals on "Bring on the Night" Track list: 1) PERFECT SORROW 3:08 2) BORN IN THE UNDERWORLD 5:17 3) SHADOW OF THE STONE 3:58 4) CURED 4:08 5) I DON''T BELIEVE IN FORTUNE 4:03 6) IF THE DREAM COMES TRUE 4:45 7) THE RISE AND FALL OF BARRY LYNDON 4:33 8) BRING ON THE NIGHT 4:20 9) NOT THE JEALOUS KIND 4:32 10) SAINT OR SINNER 3:57 11) LAST STATION: NIGHTMARE 5:19 12) HOW THE STORY ENDS 4:24 13) TRUTH NEVER LIE 5:12
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