Saturday, December 2, 2023 

OLIVA, JON - Raise The Curtain ( Limited Digi + 1 )
When I first heard that the Mountain King was going to do a �solo� record, my initial thought was honestly to question whether it would be that big of a difference from his JOP releases. After listening to his new disc, I now understand the BIG difference. Whether you agree or not, JOP is more of an extension of Savatage to a certain extent. �Raise the Curtain� is not JOP. It is a singer/songwriter�s disc that speaks loudly of Jon�s musical inspirations and his current vision. If you are stuck in the past and just want Savatage, then politely exit stage left. For the rest� You can call it theatrical. You can call it moody. You can call it nostalgic. Hell, you can call it Sergeant Pepper�s evil bastard in places.
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