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Featuring Bjorn Strid (Soilwork), Sharlee D'''' Angelo (Arch Enemy, Witchery), David Andersson (Soilwork), Richard Larsson, Sebastian Forslund, Jonas Källsbäck and the Airline Annas, Anna Brygård and Anna-Mia Bonde, The Night Flight Orchestra is more than a super-group. It started out as a united vision in 2006, shared between the band''''s founding members, Björn Strid (vocals) and David Andersson (guitar), somewhere on one of those endless American highways in the middle of a SOILWORK tour. The original idea was to create a soundtrack for their own journey, something that you could listen to when everyone else was sick of listening to "Detroit Rock City", "Goodbye Girl" and "Born To Run". "Aeromantic" is the band''''s fifth full length release and another monumental step in the band''''s progress of taking timeless, classic rock and melding it into their own sound! 1 Servants of the Air 2 Divinyls 3 If Tonight Is Our Only Chance 4 This Boy''''s Last Summer 5 Curves 6 Transmissions 7 Aeromantic 8 Golden Swansdown 9 Taurus 10 Carmencita Seven 11 Sister Mercurial 12 Dead of Winter
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