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NORUM, JOHN - Face The Truth - Remastered -
Special Deluxe Collector''''''''s Edition/ Fully Remastered Audio / Features Glenn Hughes On Vocals / Former guitarist of Europe / 12 page full color booklet - 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, rarely seen photos and new interview with John Norum - THE SHOCK OF John Norum''''''''s departure from Europe was a disappointment somewhat tempered by the release of his debut solo album, a work of real purpose and commitment to a heavy sound and style that suggested his tenure in Europe was not as musically harmonious as originally thought. Norum, it seems was somewhat aggrieved that too much pop was being woven into Europe''''''''s sound and that the original intention of a hard rockin'''''''' unit in the manner of Deep Purple and Rainbow had been sidelined. It was a fair conclusion and one that sparked a well-received solo career. Following his debut, John worked in Los Angeles joining forces with Don Dokken for Don''''''''s debut solo album ''''''''Up From The Ashes'''''''' and toured the USA extensively. It was a positive experience that also led John to enter into a stunning collaboration with Glenn Hughes, the wayward bassist/vocalist of Deep Purple and more recently in Hughes/Thrall. John''''''''s second solo album titled ''''''''Face The Truth'''''''' was a match made in heaven, with Norum and Hughes providing a number of high energy yet melodic hard rock tracks that stand proud as musical highlights in an era that was slowly succumbing to the emergence of grunge. Originally issued in 1992, and recorded in Los Angeles, the album boasts a number of stunning tracks, including ''''''''Still The Night'''''''' a re-recording of a Hughes/Thrall song originally released on the much praised Phenomena concept album. Also included is ''''''''Opium Trail'''''''' a tribute to Norum''''''''s enduring love for Thin Lizzy, and a well-received co-write with Joey Tempest titled ''''''''We Will Be Strong''''''''. 1 Face the Truth 2 Night Buzz 3 In Your Eyes 4 Opium Trail 5 We Will Be Strong 6 Good Man Shining 7 Time Will Find the Answer 8 Counting on Your Love 9 Endica 10 Still the Night 11 Distant Voices
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