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ONLY CHILD - ST -Remastered -
Special Deluxe Collector''''''''s Edition / Fully Remastered Audio / Stunning AOR statement from Paul Sabu / 4 bonus tracks / 12 page full color booklet - 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, rarely seen photos and new interview with Paul Sabu - UNIVERSALLY ACCLAIMED on release, the Only Child album was handed an extraordinary accolade by Kerrang! Magazine, with an ''''''''L'''''''' rating - one letter more than the 5K''''''''s previously awarded to exceptional albums, going on to proclaim it as one ''''''''EL'''''''' of a record. It was rightly given as most rock fans who heard it were gobsmacked by it''''''''s musical sophistication. The song writing was off the hook and Paul Sabu''''''''s majestic voice (a breathy mixture of Lou Gramm and Joe Lynn Turner) positioned him as one of the most talented melodic rock performers on the scene, outclassing the competition by a country mile. Paul''''''''s previous album, ''''''''Heartbreak'''''''', was a valiant attempt to raise awareness of his talent, but with limited promotion it failed to connect with the wider public. Yet, with typical drive and commitment, Paul returned to the recording studio to craft one of the greatest records of the era. His resolve paid handsome dividends when Rampage Records, a division of Capitol Records, leapt at the chance to sign him, under the handle of Only Child. It was a wise move as the record became a bench mark in the development of melodic hard rock. Paul''''''''s song writing had always been superlative but the Only Child album moved his craft to another level. Tracks such as ''''''''Save A Place In Your Heart'''''''', ''''''''I Believe In You'''''''', ''''''''Rebel Eyes'''''''' and ''''''''Just Ask'''''''' took no prisoners in a space normally reserved for superstar acts. Sadly the project was hamstrung when the president of the label departed and all promotional momentum was lost, leaving us with a record that should have been an enormous success story. 1 Just Ask 2 Always 3 I Wanna Touch 4 I Remember the Night 5 Love to the Limit 6 I Believe in You 7 Save a Place in Your Heart 8 Rebel Eyes 9 Scream Until You Like It 10 Shot Heard Around the World 11 Maybe a Lifetime 12 Runnin'''''''' on Love 13 Young Guns 14 Vice Versa
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