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OF GODS AND MONSTERS - Sons Of Armageddon Harline Styper Leatherwolf
Hard rock supergroup from the states formed by : Kevin Goocher (former Omen vocalist), Deen Castronova (Journey Hardline ect ) Tim Gaines (Stryper,) Joey Tafolla (Jag Panzer Hardline Leatherwolf ) Jimmy Waldo (Alcatraz). As you would expect from constituent parts like this, this is very much in the vein of 80ís Hard Rock, but with a bit more Dio-influenced metal in there than might have been expected. There is some really nifty rhythm work going on here, and sticksman Castronovo stands out as an incredibly tight drummer and the lyrics are are cheesy as hell with lots of beasts, dragons, sword and sorcery. Track Listing 1. Prelude 2. Sons of Armageddon 3. Crack The Sky 4. Fighting Fire With Fire 5. Dragon Wars 6. Song To The Dawn 7. Flamethrower 8. Storm The Castle Walls 9. Hell To Pay 10. Raindance 11. Feast of Hate 12. Battlelore 13. Alpha Omega Cannon Bonus Tracks 14. Legacy 15. Kings of Orient 16. Waiting On The End Of The World
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