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GUNNER - Back 4 More W 3 Bonus Tracks
Gunner was formed in the beginning of 2003 (under the name of Gunner Sixx), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It all started when Rodrigo Bugallo (lead guitar) and Mariano Angiolili (ex drummer) decided to form a band with noticeable influences of 80''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s hard rock. Gunner have released two successful albums “Keep Fighting” in 2013 and “All Access” in 2016 and started growing their fanbase while playing a lot of shows in Argentina. 01) Back For More, 02) Faster Than Lightning, 03) Sunset Kiss, 04) Fast Boogie, 05) Searching For Victims, 06) Liar, 07) Dangerous Eyes, 08) Wild, 09) Delilah, 10) Ronin, 11) Street Kid, 12) Stay Strong, 13) Cold Nights, 14) Begging Love, 15) Thrilling Dream
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