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PRIMAL FEAR - I Will Be Gone
Primal Fear''''''''''''''''s ferocious new record "Metal Commando" has been an undisputed highlight of 2020. The German power metal band''''''''''''''''s 13th full length detonated in the midst of a raging pandemic, leaving no stone unturned in it''''''''''''''''s path. Right now however, they want to show us something new, a different side to them - after releasing a string of heavy and hard-hitting singles from "Metal Commando", mastermind Mat Sinner and vocal force Ralf Scheepers have something extraordinary up their sleeves; a 5-track single, built around an exclusive new rendition of their achingly beautiful ballad ''''''''''''''''I Will Be Gone'''''''''''''''', re-recorded with none other than Finnish metal diva extraordinaire, Tarja Turunen. The song, fragile and touching, gets an altogether new and deeply melancholic vibe with Tarja''''''''''''''''s unbelievably emotional performance, showcasing a different facet of Primal Fear. Yet, it''''''''''''''''s not the only gift they deliver on this 5-track sensation - just take ''''''''''''''''Vote Of No Confidence'''''''''''''''' for example, an all-new, previously unreleased beast of a song. Clocking in at over six minutes, this storming, furious anthem gives a brilliant glimpse of things to come. Previously only available as bonus tracks on the limited "Metal Commando" digipack, three more tracks complete this release; enchanting guitar instrumental ''''''''''''''''Rising Fear'''''''''''''''', massive mid-tempo smasher ''''''''''''''''Leave Me Alone'''''''''''''''', and heavy metal monument ''''''''''''''''Second To None'''''''''''''''', making ''''''''''''''''I Will Be Gone'''''''''''''''' so much more than just another off shoot of a successful album. 1 I Will Be Gone Ft Tarja 2 Vote of No Confidence 3 Rising Fear 4 Leave Me Alone 5 Second to None
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