Thursday, May 19, 2022 

PERPETUAL ETUDE - Now Is The Time - Goran Edman -
The guitar heroism of the ''''''''80s is back! Perpetual Etude was formed in 2019 by Magnus Mild with the sole goal to bring back the best of the heavy metal from the ''''''''80s. Influenced by the genre when growing up, Magnus teamed up with members from NorthTale, Dionysys, Nation, Shadowquest as well as Göran Edman on “Sail Away” to complete the vision. The result is the best of a whole decade in the astounding debut “Now Is The Time”, an album filled with blazing guitar riffs, keyboard solos, and catchy choruses. 1. I''''''''ve Got The Power 2. Show Me 3. Straight Through The Heart 4. Once We Were One 5. Hell Fire Burn 6. Now Is The Time 7. Sail Away 8. Our Love
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