Wednesday, May 18, 2022 

TIMECHILD - And Yet It Moves
TIMECHILD IS MASSIVE AND ORGANIC HEAVY ROCK FROM COPENHAGEN, DENMARK. The band''''''''s soundscape is made up of a powerful and present lead vocal, characteristic twin guitars and atmospheric vocal harmonies, which together create their unique Scandinavian expression. Timechild was formed in 2020 by four seasoned musicians from different corners of Denmark. With extensive past experience in a number of former and existing Danish rock and metal bands, the members had already crossed paths on both Danish and international stages. When the opportunity arose, they decided to unite their musical experiences and visions and created Timechild. The debut album was written and recorded during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, which paralysed the Danish and international music industry. However, this silence gave the band time to jointly develop their common sound and expression. The vision from the start was to show how heavy rock can continue to challenge and surprise audiences even in 2021. Although the foundation of the band''''''''s sound universe is clearly laid by the rock giants of the past, Timechild''''''''s inspiration is drawn from across both time and genres. 1 And Yet It Moves 2 This Too Will Pass 3 Haze of the Dawn 4 Where I Now Belong 5 Children of a Killing Sun 6 Shrapnel 7 Choir of Man 8 Last Frontier 9 The Bite of Frost
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