Wednesday, May 18, 2022 

Bite The Bullet was originally formed in 1986 by singer songwriter Mick Benton and drummer Graham Cowling. They met in 1984 when they both joined West London rock band Mother''''s Ruin. Thanks to the legendary Greg Lake, Benton managed to secure a solo deal with Atlantic Records and he asked Cowling to play drums. Its good to see that their collaboration is still strong to this very day. In 1986 Bite The Bullet was formed and the music played was in the style of Foreigner, Toto and Mr. Mister. An album was released in 1989 to some quiet success. The music was warmly received and the band earned some radio airplay. However, Britpop was coming into the forefront and a cancelled support slot with the mighty ELO saw the band disheartened and whilst they never really disbanded, there was a long period of inactivity. Benton and Cowling always remained friends and they still played in pubs and clubs over the years which brings is up to 2019 when the debut was reissued on CD. It ignited a flame in the two men and brought the original recording back to the forefront again. Old fans reappraised the album whilst new fans joined in. In January 2021 the year started with "Black And White" and the band has gone from strength to strength. They combine Mr. Mister with Asia to produce a nice smooth rock pop sound. Mick and Graham have continued writing new material and here we are with an exciting new third release "End Of The Line" and the result is amazing. The new songs have given the band a new fresh sound, bringing us into 2022. What a way to start the new year!
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