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O'HORA, TONY - Escape Into The Sun
Over the last 25 years Bob Catley has established a reputation as one of Britain's top vocalists with his work in MAGNUM and more recently as a solo artist. Tony O’Hora’s name came to prominence when he joined the british melodic metal band PRAYING MANTIS in 1998 for the recording of one of their most successful and critically acclaimed albums ever entitled “Forever In Time”. Tony got ample recognition for his vocal abilities since his vocals were praised by the whole press that spoke of “clear, soaring and downright heavenly vocals” (Powerplay Magazine, UK) and “the best new vocal talent heard this year” (Hard Roxx Magazine, UK). His stint with PRAYING MANTIS lasted for another album, the masterpiece “Nowhere To Hide” where his voice represented the perfect match for the MAGNUM-influenced sound of the album. He also performed with the band at the GODS 2000 festival in Wigan, UK. After PRAYING MANTIS, Tony started teaching in a Music College in Birmingham taking the challenge of teaching young musicians, engineers and kids who want to be involved with entertainment and at the same time he toured and became a permanent member of Andy Scott’s SWEET, which he just recently left. During the year 2005 he started to exchange musical ideas with guitar wizard and producer Magnus Karlsson (STARBREAKER, LAST TRIBE, ALLEN / LANDE) upon suggestion of Frontiers Records President, Serafino Perugino. The two musicians liked each other and hence they went on exchanging music and vocals over the internet. The final result, Tony O’Hora’s debut album “Escape Into The Sun” is the perfect continuation of PRAYING MANTIS after “Nowhere To Hide”, with hints of the classic Hard Rock sound that Magnus has been contributing to bands and albums like LAST TRIBE and ALLEN / LANDE. A rich and varied sound with beautiful songs and a memorable vocal performance makes this album a true enrichment for every rock fan !
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