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GILBERT, PAUL - Get Out Of My Yard - Dvd
Get Out Of My Yard Guitar Instructional DVD contains 2 hours of personal guitar and live perfomances from the world's most insane shred guitarist Paul Gilbert. A must-have for fans and guitar players all around the globe. WARNING!! your guitar playing may never be the same again! Tracklisting: 1. Paul in the Hollywood Hills 2. Get Out of My Yard - "The Human Capo" 3. Hurry Up - "The Power of Eighth Notes" 4. The Curse of Castle Dragon - "Weaving a Spell of Metal" 5. Radiator - "Acid Rock for Today's Youth" 6. Straight Through the Telephone Pole - "A Song About Beer" 7. Marine Layer - "Quest for the Perfect C Major Scale 8. Twelve Twelve - "Making Your Hollowbody Weep" 9. Rusty Old Boat - "The Worldwide Funkatonic Scale" 10. The Echo Song - "Honoring Thy Staccato" 11. Full Tank - "Safe Handling of a Pointy Guitar" 12. My Teeth are a Drumset - "My Mode is Mixolydian" 13. Haydn Symphony No. 88 - "Crank Up the Bassoons!" 14. Three E's for Edward - "Orange Tape on my Fretboard" 15. You Kids - "Picking Sixteenth Notes in Punk" 16. Appendix I: Hammer-on and Pull-off Techniques 17. Appendix II: Arpeggios 18. Appendix III: Vibrato in Your Ears 19. Appendix IV: Alternate Picking 20. Live Guitar Solo from the RACER X "Superheroes" Japan Tour 21. Hurry Up - Live at MI 22. Radiator Live at MI 23. Rusty Old Boat Live at MI 24. Full Tank - Live 25. Never Never Land - Credits
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