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NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Radiation Sickness
Available for the first time on DVD, vintage live footage of the most aggressive thrash metal band ever - Nuclear Assault! Formed in 1984 by ex-Anthrax singer John Connelly and bassist Dan Liker, who were looking to create a more uncompromising act, and with Nuclear Assault they achieved it. Their barnstorming debut album 'Game Over' led to album releases from Combat records and IRS, with which they proceeded to set fire to the Billboard charts. Following a gruelling 180-day tour of the US and Europe with Agent Steel in 1987 they opened for Slayer before headlining tours in their own right and eventually conquering Japan. This DVD contains the complete ear-blistering footage from the final date of the notorious 1987 tour, shot on June 20th at London England's world famous temple of rock n roll, the Hammersmith Odeon.
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