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1994 - S/T

Fronted by the voluptuous Karen Lawrence, 1994 were one of the greatest North American hard rock bands that time and tide has indeed forgotten. Signed, in a blaze of publicity, to the mighty A&M label, produced by seventies studio wizard Jack ‘Aerosmith’ Douglas and hailed as the next big thing, the band never quite made the commercial impact all had hoped for. Critically, however, their music was bestowed with fervent praise attracting rave reviews both at home and abroad.Released in 1978, Geoff Barton, then writing for Sounds magazine, and now, of course, Editor of Classic Rock, made no secret of his love for 1994’s self titled debut album, going so far as to acclaim it as one of the years best releases; a veritable cracker box of explosive guitar based rock topped off with a stellar performance from one of the best (female) vocalists of the era – a deadly yet cool combination of Heart and Aerosmith.

Fully remastered, 4,000 word essay by Stephen Allen, previously unpublished photos and 4 bonus tracks recorded live in 1978. Look out too, for a rare special guest appearance by guitarist Brad Whitford - one of only a small handful of extraneous appearances outside the Aerosmith mother ship.

Track listing: ‘Once Again’, ‘Shoot To Kill’, ‘Sing To me’, ‘Heleana’, ‘Bring It home’, ‘Radio Zone’, ‘Hit The Hardway’, ‘Read Up’, ‘Anastasia’. Bonus tracks: (live) ‘Shoot To Kill’, ‘Find It In The City’, ‘Hit The Hardway’, ‘Bring It Home’.