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VOLBEAT - The Strength / The Songs

Germany: Rock Hard review 10 out of 10! Soundcheck: # 6 and 10x dynamite, Metal Hammer 6/7
UK: 9/10 in Rocksound
Denmark: Danish Metal Awards: award for "Best debut album" and #20 in Album Charts
France: Rock Hard: 9 out of 10, album of the Month
Holland: Aardschok: 10x Dynamite in Soundcheck
Belgium: Mindview Magazine's cd of the Month, first in Mindview's Soundcheck
Spain: Rock Hard: 9 out of 10

VOLBEATís style is said to be a combination of Metallic Rockíníroll with a touch of the sixties melodic tunes. Their sound has been described as Hetfield meets Elvis-metal meets Life of agony.