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ANCARA - Beyond The Dark

In their home country, Finland, ANCARA have already achieved several chart entries. So even „Beyond The Dark“ marks their debut abroad, the guys are no newcomers anymore. ANCARA definitely know how to write and arrange first-class songs and their individual playing skills are beyond any reproach. Well, and the guys have also managed to create a very unique style that is difficult to compare with any other band. If LEVERAGE or ALTARIA would record an album with dark and heavy guitars and massive drums like the early HIM, then the result maybe could sound close to „Beyond The Dark“. Sure, the songs by ANCARA don't feature such radio-friendly melodies as the songs by their mentioned countrymen, but they are still very straight and catchy.

Just take a listen to the bombastic „In Silence“, the straight „Deny“ and the rousing ballad „Snowflower“ (reminds me a bit of WARLOCK's „Für Immer“) and you will find out about the band's qualities. A special praise must be given here to singer Sammy Salminen whose clear and strong vocals gives those songs a certain something. At the end of the day, „Beyond The Dark“ has become a very promising album that I can recommend honstely to any Melodic Metal-lover. In my opinion, ANCARA have the potential that is necessary to soon become a leading act in that genre.