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SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL - Sweden Rock Festival ( 2 -Dvd Set )

Region code: 2

Norm: PAL

Sound: Dolby 2.0

DVD 1: 1.The Poodles-Kingdom Of Heaven 2.Lana Lane-Someone To Believe 3.Kamelot-March Of Mephisto 4.Edguy-Superheroes 5.Treat-Conspiracy 6.Crystal Eyes-The Wizards Apprentice 7.Diamond Head-Am I Evil 8.Helix-Rock You 9.Doro-You’re My Family 10.Saxon-And The Band Played On 11.Morgana LeFay-Maleficium 12.Rob Rock.Rock The Earth 13.Sabaton-Primo Victoria 14.Candlemass-Black Dwarf 15.Therion-Ginnungagap 16,Behemoth-Demigon 17.Satanic Slaughter-Towards Damnations End 18.Venom-Black Metal 19.Motörhead-Bomber 20.Morörhead-Overkill

DVD 2: 1.From Behind-Queen Bitch 2.Nasty Idols-Alive n’Kickin’ 3.Freak Kitchen-Speak When Spoken To 4.The Lizards-The Opal Crest Of Zed 5.Blackfoot-Sunshine Again 6.Crucified Barbara-Bad Hangover 7.Alex Harvey Band-Midnight Moses 8.Hellfueled-Midnight Lady 9.Kim Mitchell-Fill Your Head With Rock 10.Savoy Brown-Savoy Brown Boogie 11.Molly Hatchet-Son Of The South 12.Robin Trower-Day Of The Eagle 13.Ted Nugent-Cat Scratch Fever 14.VixenEdge Of A Broken Heart 15.Sammy Hagar-I Can’t Drive 55 16.Status Quo-Caroline 17.Magnum-Vigilante 18.The Sweet-Teenage Rampage 19.Alice Cooper-School’s Out (live 2005 and 2006