PRICE: $12.99

ZERO HOUR - Dark Deceiver

Zero Hour has released a new album and I can tell you all right up front that it was a hard nut to crack.

The Tipton brothers have returned, after a couple of more accessible records (with obvious highlight last year’s ‘Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond’), to their more difficult to comprehend roots. Their latest effort can be seen as the rightful follow-up to ‘The Towers Of Avarice’. Those in the knowing will either have a sudden case of vertigo or cry tears of joy. This record, ladies & gentlemen, will separate the boys from the men, sonically speaking.
Compared to this whirlwind of riffs, typhoon-solos, breaks & tempo-changes your average Dream Theater record will sound like the latest Madonna album.

It took yours truly a couple of weeks to get into this brutal avalanche on the senses. Zero Hour’s latest effort is dark, moody, at times very aggressive & a couple of moments later deceivingly soothing. The masterpiece ‘Inner Spirit’, a mere 12 minutes long, is a good example of that. And to top everything off we are offered a strong melodic set of tonsils going by the name of Chris Salinas, straight from the Geoff Tate school of whaling. What more could you want? (KVK)