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KOTZEN, RICHIE - Bootlegged in Brazil

A perfect complement to the recent CD-only release “Live in Sao Paulo ”, this “Bootlegged In Brazil” is the first ever solo video live performance from the former Mr Big and Poison guitar player Richie Kotzen.

The DVD reflects a stellar performance from his South American tour in 2007 and includes some real classic tracks from the Kotzen repertoire, from the rhythmic labours of "A Love Divine" through “Go Faster” (off the last studio album “Return of The Mother Head’s Family Reunion”) and the great “Doin’ What The Devils Says To Do”.

Kotzen sound is influenced from such bands as Bad Company, Free, early Van Halen and Cream. They are the inspiration for his songs, but having deep Philly roots Kotzen tends to combine rock with the Motown influences he heard as a kid offering the fans a soulful and timeless approach to the music.

This live performance features Kotzen touring band with Johnny Griparich on bass and Dan Potruch on drums.