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ALL ENDS, featuring Emma Gelotte (sister of IN FLAMES guitarist Björn Gelotte) and Tinna Karlsdotter on vocals, Fredrik Johansson (DIMENSION ZERO, IN FLAMES’ “The Jester Race” album) and Peter Mårdklint (EMBRACED, TENEBRE) on guitar, along with Josef Skanås on drums , are a band founded in 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden. It feature a sound housing somewhere between rock and metal that lives first and foremost through the fascinating voices of the two front-ladies, Tinna Karlsdotter and Emma Gelotte. It is this two-pronged female approach that distinguishes these Swedes from the rest of the crowd and gives them their own unique sound.

The debut EP ‘Wasting Life’, release on May 11 2007 through G.U.N. Records doesn’t, sound like NIGHTWISH or WITHIN TEMPTATION or EVANESCENCE…on the contrary, it sounds like nothing other than ALL ENDS!

And if the name ‘Gelotte’ sounds familiar, then it should, because IN FLAMES guitarist Björn Gelotte is the brother of singer Emma. Björn and his bandmate Jesper Strömblad are highly creative songwriters with a huge musical spectrum, and the inspiration for ALL ENDS. Jesper and Björn’s role with ALL ENDS is solely a creative involvement behind the scenes.

The fact that ALL ENDS is made up of five top musicians of their genre is evident in the magnificent ‘Alone’, which skillfully treads the line between metallic wrecking ball and pop anthem. And the title track, ‘Wasting Life’, is also equally characterized by the simultaneously powerfully and melodic guitar work that is simply irresistible in combination with the sleek grooves and whale-sized hooks.


When the lights go down at the Filharmonie in Filderstadt, Germany this Friday night, then it's time once again for "Please welcome live on stage, ALL ENDS!!!" Just short of two months after completing their German tour with OOMPH!, ALL ENDS are back out on the road again at the special request of the boys from EDGUY - a package that'll thrill every metalhead and rock fan down to their toes.

ALL ENDS will of course also be featuring their new single "What Do You Want" on the tour, a cleverly arranged tune that features the patented double-lead vocals from Tinna and Emma. There's no chance of confusing this number with some gothic depression stuff or operatic pathos or even metal posing, because it's pure ALL ENDS, all the way!