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IVORY - Time For Revenge

Ivory's music is a combination of melody, technique and musical elegance, with particular attention to sound, arrangements and executions: the result is just what Ivory are at it's best. Their melodic metal, influenced also by progressive, hard rock and power metal style, has it's roots in Turin (North of Italy) between '98/99, but only during the summer of 2005, after some troubles that made every single step very slow, the band recorded the promo-CD Atlantis Falls. The lyrics are influenced by ancient history and mythology, but with many actual themes and personal experiences that can be found “reading between the lines”. It immediately had lots of amazing rewiews, and so the band had the right spirit to carry on composing new songs for a full lenght album. The line-up is finally Ivan G. voice, Salvo Vecchio (Seymour Duncan endorser) guitars, Luca Bernazzi bass, Andry Marincola keyboards and piano, Il Pedro drums and percussions. Every member of Ivory has a long experience in the musical scene, both as session man, and as live performer (even with rock stars like Ian Paice, Jeff Scott Soto, Louis Casih; or opening for Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Secret Sphere, White Skull etc.). Some productions were is possible to listen to members of Ivory are Attitude, Meridian, Matt Cafissi's Star, Upper Class Bastards, 60/70 Rock Band, Trilogy, Simone Damiani's Heavy Rumba, Five Against One etc. etc. Also, is on the way a bonus video shot about the making of Time for Revenge, concerning the recording sessions, free time shots of the band, instruments etc. In June 2008 Ivory signed a deal with the italian label Heart of Steel Records and the debut CD is now available everywhere!! Rock on!!