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BONFIRE - Fireworks ( Remastered + 8 )

Released in 1987, “Fireworks” is the second album by the long-running German melodic hard rock band Bonfire. As good as the band's debut album was, “Fireworks” was where everything seemed to come together, the result of which is arguably Bonfire's best album. The German melodic rock sound pretty much comes back to Bonfire (and later Fair Warning). Bonfire's brand of melodic rock merged the radio-friendly approach of Bon Jovi with the hard yet melodic style of their countrymen the Scorpions. 20 years later, “Fireworks” remains the best example of Bonfire's sound. The album features a great assortment of hard rockers and catchy party anthems (incl. the cover of Surgin's “Sleeping All Alone”), and as ballads go, Give It a Try isn't half bad. Great guitar work, great vocals, great melodies...great album! Digitally remastered !