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BONFIRE - Point Blank ( Remastered + 7 )

Bonfire had a tough act to follow when they released their 1989 album “Point Blank”. The band's previous album “Fireworks” was a fantastic release that many to this day consider their best. Fortunately the music on “Point Blank” lives up to the standard set on “Fireworks”.. Even tossing out the brief interlude-type tracks "Minestrone" and "Jungle Call", you still get a whopping 17 new songs in the same hard rocking vein as “Fireworks”. Behind-the-scenes veterans Jack Ponti and Desmond Child help out with the songwriting, which adds an extra punch to an already talented songwriting band, and the band is once again in top form, led by those signature Claus Lessmann vocals. The only problem was that the album contained too many simular structed songs – less would have been much more. Digitally remastered,