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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - Skullage - Geatest Hits ( Cd / Dvd Combo )

Track List:
01. Machine Gun Man
02. Dead As Yesterday
03. All For You
04. 13 Years Of Grief
05. Bleed For Me
06. Doomsday Jesus
07. Stillborn
08. Won't Find It Here
09. Suicide Messiah
10. In This River
11. Fire It Up
12. New Religion
13. Instrumental Intro (acoustic)
14. The Blessed Hellride (acoustic)
15. Spoke In The Wheel (acoustic)
16. Stillborn (acoustic version)

DVD Track List:
01. All For You (From Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned DVD)
02. 13 Years Of Grief (From Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned DVD)
03. Bleed For Me (From Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned DVD)
04. Stillborn video
05. Suicide Messiah video
06. In This River video
07. Fire It Up video
08. Acoustic Live
09. Instrumental Intro - Live in Lehigh Valley
10. The Blessed Hellride - Live in Lehigh Valley
11. Spoke In The Wheel - Live in Lehigh Valley
12. We Live No More - Live in Lehigh Valley
13. Stillborn - Live in Lehigh Valley
14. New Religion New Footage
15. Welcome To The Compound New Footage

Zakk Wylde - vocals, lead guitar, bass and piano
Nick Catanese - guitar
John DeServio - bass
Brian Tichy - drums
Joe Vitale - drums
Phil 'Philth' Ondich - drums
Craig Nunemacher - drums
Christian Werr - drums

Produced by Zakk Wylde, Michael Beinhorn, Barry Conley, Eddie Mapp, Rick Parashar, Ron Albert and Howard Albert.

Black Label Society already has a previous hits collection entitled The Kings Of Damnation that was released a few years back. For whatever reason their previous label, Eagle Rock Entertainment, have seen fit to issue another hits collection from America's favorite beer-bellied, scruffy, shredder Zakk Wylde.
It's not an entirely bad idea as Skullage doubles not only as a 16 track audio collection that covers everything from Pride & Glory through Shot To Hell but in addition it features a DVD of music videos, live clips and a mini-interview segment where Wylde guides you through each track featured within while walking around his 'compound'.
Everyone has a favorite Black Label Society album and chances are there will be something that gets missed, I'm quite partial to Pride & Glory, Book Of Shadows and 1919 Eternal myself. The killer cuts include here are "Machine Gun Man," "Stillborn," "Suicide Messiah" and "Fire It Up."
I would highly recommend Skullage as a starter package to those that are considering enlisting in their regional chapter of the Black Label Society. This collection is available as a single audio CD, single DVD or CD/DVD combination - take your pick!