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7 SEALS - Every Kingdom Has To Pass

Epic Power Metal

Guest musicians:
Sabrina Grochocki (female vocals)
Ross Thompson (chors, additional vocals)
Juan Roos (chors, additional vocals)
Henning Pauly (chors, additional vocals, guitar)

1. Prologue - Birth of a legend
2. To forests wild & free - Leaving hearth and home behind
3. Treasure of the elder - How Balmung was achieved
4. Unforeseen alliance - United against the Danes
5. The isle of fire & ice - Taming of the valkyrie
6. Fortune & deceit - Twain marriages and the betrayal
7. Prelude to Perdition - Wie Sifrit verraten wart
8. A fateful conspiracy - As fate decends on Sifrit
9. Farewell - Kriemhilt's elegy
10. A gift to the nymph - How Hagen seized the hoard
11. The fierce king of the Huns - Twelve realms bestowed
12. Moribund - Every Kingdom has to pass
13. Epilogue - Withering of a dynasty