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BLACK ROBOT - S/T ( Ex Buckcherry Members )


BLACK ROBOT, the new band featuring former BUCKCHERRY members Jonathon Brightman (J.B.) (bass), Yogi Lonich (guitar; also of CHRIS CORNELL) and Devon Glenn (drums), has posted three new songs ¡ª "Black Robot", "Love on a 45" and "Momma Don't Cry" ¡ª to the group's MySpace page.

BLACK ROBOT ¡ª whose lineup is rounded out by Detroit singer Huck Johns ¡ª entered the studio this past spring to record its debut album, tentatively due later this year. The CD was produced by Dave Cobb, with J.B. executive-producing.

The band's musical influences are said to be AC/DC, THE BLACK CROWES and LED ZEPPELIN.

What happens when three three former members of Buckcherry reunite? They have transformed into a new powerhouse rock band in the form of Black Robot! Black Robot taps into the influences of classic hard rock acts like AC/DC and Aeromsith, while creating something new and refreshingly cool. If you aren¡¯t hooked with big stadium anthem ¡°Baddass¡±, the cover of J.J. Cale¡¯s ¡°Cocaine¡± will surely pull you in or what about ¡°Momma Don¡¯t Cry¡±, which has an awesome Jimi Hendrix like vibe to it. ¡°In My Car¡± has a good, classic 70¡¯s rock vibe to it. This song reminds me of ¡°Toys in the Attic¡± era Aerosmith. ¡°Love On A .45¡å sees singer Huck Johns channeling his inner Zeppelin on this catchy tune. Black Robot has proved once again that ROCK IS NOT DEAD. The band has cranked out one great debut. This CD is one of my new favorites this year!