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VOICES OF ROCK - High & Mighty


Voices Of Rock - High & Mighty - Released August 28 - After their highly acclaimed debut album Voices of Rock MMVII Germany based producers Chris Lausmann (Bonfire, Jaded Heart) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Michael Schenker) did it again. The award winning team of Lausmann & Voss ('SAE alumni' award for the best procuction 2007) decided to move on and write new gems in the vein of traditional Melodic Rock. On this album, you won't find any compromises - no-one will jump onto a trendy train here.
The astonishing line-up of international top score singers as Dan Reed, Robin Beck, James Christian, Gary Barden, to name a few, built the starring on album number one and gave the songs all written by Lausmann/Voss their trade.
The new effort is called High & Mighty and combines catchy melodies with a raunchy driven sound at the finest. The new album was recorded during the last year in Chris' and Michael's studios and being mastered by Munich's sound wizard Christoph Stickel at MSM-mastering studios. The limited first edition digi-pack will include the bonus track Maniac sung by Michael Voss.

Track list:

01. Tony Martin - Into the Light
02. Bert Heerink - Shame On You
03. Joe Lynn Turner Tonight
04. Paul Shortino - Rock Me
05. Rob Rock - Remember Me
06. Mitch Malloy - Lay You Down To Rest
07. Tony Mills - In The Heart Of The Young
08. David Reece - Dirty Games
09. Paul Sabu - Down The Drain
10. Torben Schmidt - Only 4 Ever

11. Michael Voss Maniac ( Bonus Track )