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ATKINS, AL - Demon Deceiver

The re-release of AL ATKINS fifth solo album 'Demon Deceiver' is appropriate as 2009 marks 40 years since Al formed JUDAS PRIEST. Al co wrote many of Priest's classic songs such as 'Rocka Rolla', 'Victim Of Changes', 'Dreamer Deceiver' and 'Sad Wings Of Destiny'. Since leaving Judas Priest Al has over the years released some critically acclaimed albums including his very first solo album in 1989 'Judgement Day'. Since recording 'Demon Deceiver' Al has formed The HOLY RAGE which is the heaviest project he has been involved in since Judas Priest. The two bonus tracks on this album were recorded in June 2009 and 'A Void To Time' features guitar legend BERNIE TORME.

Track Listing/Features:

* Demon Deceiver
* Money Talks
* Blood, Demons And Whiskey
* Drown
* Sentenced
* Victims Of Changes
* Bleeding
* God Help Me
* Cradle To The Grave
* Dreamer Deceiver
* Give Them Hell
* A Void To Avoid