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SOTO, JEFF SCOTT - One Night In Madrid ( Dvd )

This live performance will set Jeff Scott Soto’s outstanding career in context. It is a road-map through a journey spanning more than twenty-five years that begun with college bands and culminated as front-man for the ever popular ‘Journey’ taking in ‘Talisman’, ‘Soul SirkUS’ and the band that lifted his career into the consciousness of rock fans across the world – ‘Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force’.

His first solo album, ‘Love Parade’ was released almost 15 years ago in the mid 90s and was picked up by Frontiers Records and rereleased in 2002 to coincide with his appearance at ‘The Gods’. Since then Jeff has released three stunning albums; ‘Prism’ (2003), ‘Lost In The Translation’ (2004) and his latest offering ‘Beautiful Mess’ produced with Paulo Mendonça and released on download in 2008. Released as a CD in February 2009, JSS toured ‘Beautiful Mess’ across the USA, Europe and South America showing fans a brand new direction as well as a new line-up.

As a grand finale to the tour this concert in Madrid, in front of a packed and enthusiastic audience, was taped for a release that could portray the artist as he is today with a set-list that showcases Jeff's long and successful musical career including many favourites from his past & present, including a cut from the motion picture "Rock Star" as well as selections from all his solo albums including ‘Love Parade’, ‘Prism’, ‘Lost In The Translation’ and his outstanding work with ‘Talisman’.

Clocking in at approximately 2½ hours, these specially packaged CD and DVD capture the stunning performance of the show!