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ADAM BOMB - Fatal Attraction

Here's your chance to see how BOMB out-snot's the best of 'em as if he's Johnny Rotten in a blender with AEROSMITH (circa ROCKS) on the mighty opener "SST" (and yes, that's JIMMY CRESPO on lead guitar here!). BOMB even out-dudes BOWIE with his version of "ALL THE YOUNG DUDES" (much better than ANGEL's attempt in 1980, at least!)... not to mention the organically "cooler-than-you" power-pop cockyness of "SHAPE OF THE WORLD" as well as the depth of the mood swing street ballad entitled "You'll Never Know". Great, great, cool stuff! How this album didn't cut through the fey redundancy of "heavy metal" as it existed in 1985 is beyond me (perhpas the enclosed "I Want My Heavy Metal" single actually sold this album short.. the entire work is much cooler than that title implies!)
Track Listing

* 1. SST
* 2. All The Young Dudes
* 3. I Want My Heavy Metal
* 4. You'll Never Know
* 5. Fatal Attraction
* 6. Shape Of The World
* 7. Take Me In
* 8. Russian Roulette
* 9. It's A Bust
* 10. Prime Evil
* 11. Edge Of A Dream (Bonus Track)
* 12. All's Fair In Rock N' Roll (Bonus Track)