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Welcome to the debut of the special kind: Under the flag of Angels Of Babylon run not only two newcomers – singer David Fefolt and guitarist Ethan Bush – but also the mighty ex Manowar drummer Rhino (yes – it became very quiet around his person after his departure from the “True Metal Warriors” as well as after finishing of the activities for the “The Triumph Of Steel” album in 1994; the only activities since then is Rhino’s involvement in HolyHell). Probably only a few of you know: Rhino is not only a very good drummer, he’s also a great songwriter, fantastic piano player as well as brilliant producer – what he shows very impressing with the Angels’ debut album “Kingdom Of Evil”. Because of all his great musically abilities it was easy for Rhino to convince another star to join his boat: Ex-Megadeth bass player Dave Ellefson. Musically wise the quartet offers a great piece of metal, that unites all the best elements of melodic US-Power Metal and British hard rock in one album: The dramatic opening track ‘Conspiracy Theory’ reminds on early Virgin Steele; the following ‘Apocalypse 2012’ we can understand without a doubt as the Angels’ answer to Manowar’s evergreen ‘Blood Of My Enemies’ – and the third song ‘Night Magic’ is impressing with its energetic-psychedelic vibes which are almost never heard since Black Sabbath’s “Born Again” (remember ‘Zero The Hero’). If we take the majestic ‘Tear Out My Heart’, the hot rocking ‘Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen’, the mid-tempo groover ‘Tarot’ or the orchestral title song (introduced by wonderful Spanish guitars): Every track has its own identity and is impressing with its high class standard. Hell – what a great debut! A.S.