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ASTRAL DOORS - Requiem Of Time +1 ( Limited Digi )


What a brilliant start for the New Year: Not only because the Swedish combo Astral Doors offers with “Requiem Of Time” a timeless masterpiece of Hard Rock – it’s just because we’re sure know that there is a second exceptional singer beside the Norwegian Jorn Lande who is able to take the legacy of Ronny James Dio: frontman Patrik Johansson. This Swedish guy has a charming voice, which is - just a little bit more aggressive as the voice of the little American with the great expression – able to perform the same vibes as Dio does. Just listen to the opening Hymn ‘Testament Of Rock’, the mystic rocker ‘St. Peter’s Cross’ or the swinging ‘Call Of The Wild with its Rainbow and ’Long Live Rock And Roll’ vibes – and you know what I mean. But fans of HammerFall’s hymns (‘Anthem Of The Dark’) or Accept/U.D.O. grooves (‘Metal DJ’) will sure love this album! A.S.