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ASPERA - Ripples


Hard work, determination and a relentless passion for music is what defines ASPERA, a new und hungry melodic band with progressive influences, ready to shake up the scene and step up to worldwide recognition with their impressive debut release “Ripples” on InsideOutMusic.
The five aspiring musicians from Skien, Norway, are truly what can be described as ‘youngsters’ and ‘newcomers’, being just 20 years of age (all members were born the last quarter of the year 1989 and they were 18-19 years old when producing “Ripples”!). The group, however, originally formed in a slightly different line-up as friends in school and has been active since 2005 under the previous name ‘Illusion’, releasing a total of 3 self-recorded demo EP’s and having about 40+ live shows under their belt, before they switched their band name to the more original and better suitable ASPERA last summer. ASPERA is taken from Latin and meaning ‘thorns’ or ‘rugged ground’, which was chosen because it describes the band’s complex and colourful sound in an appropriate way.