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VAIN - All Those Strangers

Vain released their debut, “No Respect” in 1989 and their videos, "Beat the Bullet" and "Who's Watching You" were featured in rotation on MTV's Headbanger's Ball and Hard 30/Hard 60 programs. The band toured the USA and rounded out the year with a UK tour supporting Skid Row.In 1991, things were to take a turn for the worse for Vain, and it would be finances rather than grunge which claimed this glam metal casualty, as their label, Island Records, collapsed before the band could release their second studio album, All Those Strangers. West and Rickard left the band in late 1991. Guitarist Shawn Rorie and former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler joined the band, which was re-named Roadcrew. Although a major label recording did not materialize, many of the Roadcrew songs can be found on later Vain releases.

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